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Cyber Security


Do not accept friends or followers you do not know.  Criminals use social media to learn about you and exploit you.

Turn off the location settings when posting on social media.  You are broadcasting when you are not home.

Set your social media to friends only so only those you trust can see what you are doing.

Everybody on Facebook can see your profile picture so make sure it is an image you want to be seen by the world.

Do not post pictures of children on social media.  There are a lot of pedophiles who are enjoying these pictures in ways that would not please you.

If you are going to have co-workers on your social media page do not post embarrassing pictures or divisive statements.  Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution but freedom of being fired from your job is not.

If you are in the military or you have friends and family in the military it is unwise to post where you or they are deployed and what you or they are doing.  Terrorists use social media to gather intelligence.

If you post something on social media you no longer own it.  You are allowing the platform you are using in many cases to use it how they see fit.

Beware of hackers who will post links to videos that you just have to see or allegedly contain you.  Often these links will take you to a site unrelated to your social media platform where hackers will hack into your account.

Social media platforms frequently change their rules and guidelines and this includes their security settings.  Check their website monthly to make sure you are up to date on the changes and you can take the measures to continue your safety.